This parody & sarcasm fans website is dedicated to our master of smoke and mirrors - Hambini, a Youtube reamer also known as Sanjeev Varah. Pen is Working! It is a collection of facts and observations found publicly on internet over time so you can assess his public figure persona.

Sanjeev aka Hambini is presenting himself as a highly skilled engineer with specialisation in aerodynamics, who has access to Aero tunnel and is also associated with an aviation company. But is it all smoke and mirrors? Buckle up for the ride.

Hambini about himself in one of his videos: (Update- now apparently removed by Hambini)


Sanjeev aka Hambini is actually working at an OIL REFINERY called PRAX (previously known as TOTAL) which is located about 15 miles from his house in Grimsby. His position in the company seems to be “rotating equipment engineer” based on public records. Which means a manual worker operating the CNC machines to keep the rotating equipment in the refinery going. His colleagues at work also confirm the above. Apparently, he is somewhat unpopular because of his side business (on that later). The records show he has been working there since at least 2011.

Hambini is seen at the grocery store to purchase lunch before heading to work. GoLocal store Grimsby.

He commutes to work on the bike on a daily basis.

He arrives at Prax parking – link to the location on Google Maps:

And locks his bicycle in the pink box next to the entry gate. Link to location:

Then he enters a gated area of Prax grounds that requires a work permit – link to Google maps:

His place of work seems to be here -

For any questions related to Hambini’s employment please contact HR manager at Prax (Total)

It seems that an oil refinery has nothing to do with aerospace nor with aerodynamics and certainly has no aero tunnel, which Hambini claims to have access to, and seems to be providing aero results from, on multiple occasions. His salary would not allow him to have access to commercially available aero tunnels even for one day as many fans correctly pointed out.

However, this explains well why Hambini has a good knowledge of the bearings and rotating equipment in general, and the reason why he produces bottom brackets.

PhD, Masters degree in Aerodynamics

PhD graduates are publicly listed at every University in the UK. His name is nowhere to be found.

However, it seems he does have a Masters degree from the University of Bath in the UK.

Sanjeev Varah aka Hambini seems not to have any work-related experience in Aerodynamics, Aerospace engineering, or Military aircraft. All those claims stem from the fact he did certain university group projects in Finite Element Analysis as a student in 2005.

This > PDF < document shows it quite well. On page 27 we can see he has been calculating in Ansys software some Rolls-Royce turbine engine blades. This is apparently what he claims as “Working with known companies” and “Specialisation in High Speed and Unsteady Aerodynamics”.

He also claims to have specialisation or affiliation with “predominantly Military Aircraft”. This claim stems from the student project he did in 2005 as part of the group. Page 31 in the pdf

He also seems to have had a very short apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce while being a student.

100+ patents claim

Sanjeev Varah aka Hambini must have forgotten that patents and their inventors, assignees, and owners are publicly disclosed in Google patents that everyone has access to since 2001 (Sanjeev graduated school in 2005). All you need to know is someone’s full name. If a person was involved in the patent development he would be listed as an inventor. The patent owner would be an assignee – a company that owns and pays for the patenting process.   

Google patents website clearly shows he is not listed as an assignee nor inventor on any of the patents Globally.

Best known for Bottom Brackets”

According to some of his work colleagues, Hambini (rotating equipment engineer) seems to be manufacturing those very bottom brackets himself during working hours at PRAX without the company’s knowledge.

It seems immoral considering the outrageous prices he charges for his bottom brackets.

Companies he “worked with”

Hambini boldly claims that he has worked with NASA, Lockheed Martin, Ferrari, Renault F1, Toyota WRC, FIA.

Based on Hambini’s previous statements, one may be tricked into thinking that he may have been involved in providing some “aerodynamic services”. However, there is another thing those companies have in common – the need for specially refined petrol and oils. Prax /Total oil refinery, at which Sanjeev works, is a sponsor or supplier of special oils and petrol to all those companies.

Two World Tour teams “using” his parts

Out of all 18 World teams that were contacted none confirmed that statement.

Update - This information seems to be now removed from the website.

UK tax avoidance scheme?

Sanjeev’s Hambini company registration and billing address appear to be 21 Augusta Close, Grimsby DN34 4TQ, United Kingdom according to his own public website:

The public HM land registry in the UK shows that this house indeed belongs to Sanjeev Varah and his wife Cassie.

However, the public UK VAT registration documents show that the owner of the company is actually his father Sri Varah who is a retired Health Advocate (according to Linkedin) and is entitled to sizable benefits which Sanjeev himself would not be entitled to. The main benefit of such a structure is to avoid paying National Insurance Class 4 contributions in the UK that provide savings of more than 10% on the profits (and deprive public services of funds). It would also hide the fact that Hambini has a side manufacturing business to his current employer.

Hambini's VAT number is listed on his website: 347867351

UK Vat registration can be checked here:

Even more interesting fact is why his own wife, a GP (General Practitioner – a medical doctor for those outside the UK) Cassie Varah has in her own company, registered under the same address as Hambini’s business, two company activities:

71129 - Other engineering activities

86220 - Specialist medical practice activities

The second one (86220) is obvious because of the result of her education and NHS records. The engineering activity however seems to be artificially added to distribute in part the revenue and/or costs Hambini is generating onto his wife's company and therefore significantly lower his and her income taxes by changing the income tax brackets.

It seems he is involved in a tax avoidance scheme which is illegal in the UK.

Cassie’s EMINIKI LTD company public details:

Company officers:

If you feel a civic responsibility and would like to report such illegal activity you can anonymously do so directly at HMRC website:

Avoiding EU VAT?

From July 1 2021 VAT regulations in EU were changed for the UK since it left the bloc. Every British company that sells goods to the EU seems to be obliged to register for EU VAT and pay relevant VAT rates to respective EU countries.

Hambini appears to be fully aware of the situation judging by his post on his website. However, there are no records of his company registration in EU checker that is publicly accessible:

Update- that page seems to be also removed from his website.

Disappearing information

It looks as if Hambini is trying to hide his real name on the Internet because, with it, all his claims can be validated, or not…. Many fans reported disappearing information about him on Reddit, on his own page, and on other public pages where information about his employment was previously publicly shown.

Hambini can’t handle criticism

Most fans reported disappearing Youtube comments under his videos. Pretty much every comment that is questioning his claims or doesn’t align with his views is quietly removed and some users are even banned.

Hambini supports RUSSIA

It seems Hambini is still supporting Russian actions as his website is actively selling products to this country.

Hambini doesn’t pay taxes from Patreon?

It seems Hambini is concealing the income received from his supporters from HMRC (UK tax office).

Patreon is an U.S. entity and according to their page they do not withhold any income taxes for non US persons. Sanjeev was born in Sri Lanka and emigrated to the UK. He became a British passport holder and with the filling of W8BEN form, Patreon will simply not report his payouts to the British tax office because he is a non US person.

Considering his current number of supporters that is about 10,000$ of untaxed profit per year.

Patreon support page:,Income%20section%20of%20your%20page.

Hambini’s Youtube channel:

Hambini’s Website:

Hambini’s Patreon:

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